Our digital marketing services

The 3 major trends in the evolution of digital marketing which we have described are the basis for change in three main areas underpinning our digital marketing offer:

> Digital transformation: or how one can evolve one's business model to incorporate digital marketing within one’s strategy (rather than as an end in itself). This covers digital marketing as a stepping stone for change management within a new or changing market and, above all, internally within the business,

> Digital content: taking care of all the characteristics which make online content specific; with regard to the kind of platform on which it sits, but first and foremost, in the light of your business objectives (what you are trying to achieve and why?),

> Digital training is the enabler for the above items. It is aimed at both online content contributors and non-contributors at all levels of management.

Video… The evolution of the social Web with Hootsuite

In this HootSuite video (released in early 2014), Yann Gourvennec, CEO and founder of Visionary Marketingexplains what has changed in the Social Web landscape. Play this video if you want to understand why, despite recent evolutions, Social remains a thing apart in the marketing world.

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