Why a book on digital marketing?

marketing digitalAfter 20 years of practice of digital marketing in the field, we have decided to put our experience in writing and because the subject is digital marketing and we wanted to extend our reach beyond our borders, we found out that there was no better way of spreading this knowledge than publishing an e-book, soon available via Amazon. This e-book will be made available through Kawa publishing (autumn 2014) and its dedicated mini site is available at like-a-boss.co.

You too can start mastering digital and social media… Like a boss

This book is gathering our knowledge of digital marketing and is packed with tips and tricks which we have found useful in our digital and professional lives and which we have devised ourselves to overcome certain issues or ensure that our digital projects be successful. Yet, "Mastering Digital Marketing Like a Boss" is a lot more than that. It is chockfull with anecdotes and myriad examples taken from the open world of digital marketing. With such examles, we aim to illustrate what can, should, or sometimes should not, be done with digital and social media if one wants to succeed in one's online endeavours.

With "Mastering Digital Marketing Like a Boss" you will really get for your money's worth; the book is quite comprehensive and extends over the main phases of digital marketing strategy in order to help you deploy and grow your online presence successfully. We have also tried to make the book an easy read by enabling you to pick up each chapter individually if you prefer, or read the entire book from beginning to end. It will be your choice, both are possible. Searching through the e-book with your reader or tablet makes things easier to; you will then be able to navigate the book to your leisure.

Mastering digital marketing like a boss (available now from Amazon)

To give you a flavour of its contents, here is the table of contents of our "Mastering Digital Marketing Like a Boss" opus on its dedicated microsite