Digital content at the heart of your marketing strategy

visionary marketing zHowever you try, whatever you think, content is at the heart of any digital marketing strategy. Here are a few reasons why a digital content strategy is a must have:

Content is what makes your brand travel far. Is the basis of our work and what prompted us to launch this agency and support our clients with their marketing strategies. We have practiced Web marketing content since the very beginning of the World Wide Web. Our experience in this area has taught us which traps had to be avoided in order for digital content to be – not just produced but –implemented properly and effectively.

> Users, consumers, clients (B2B and B2C) have had enough of prefabricated top-down messages pretending that one’s products and services are the best one can find. They should be the ones who know: after all, they bought them from you didn't they? Marketing incantations aren't effective anymore. In fact, they have never been, but there were so few ways to tell before. Now, clients know how to make their voices heard and they don't hesitate to use social media to do so. Above everything else, everybody else hears and reads what they say; this is what is at the heart of this radical change in Marketing.

> Don't believe that this is only applicable to consumer products. B2B expectations are indeed very different, but professional clients are even more aware of the Web as a potential source of information, and they spend their time tracking the right content and they are trying to form their opinions from other professionals’ comments and Websites; not the bombastic boasts of your Website telling everyone you are a "leader"…

> Convincing clients and prospective customers nowadays requires more than that. Transparency is not an option for they know where to find the right information and how to cross examine it, when it should be – or should not be – believed in… And they all know how to link in to one another in order to tap into their peer’s knowledge and intuitions.

> If you understand how much the world has changed in the past 20 years, it should then be easy for you to use these new media in order to engage in positive conversations and provide positive, true and valuable information to your existing and prospective customers.

The web can enable you to spread the good word about your values, your visions and know-how; it might even be useful for you to help others and show your

involvement in corporate responsibility. Are you the owner of a trade secret? Share it with the world and engage in passionate conversations with those who deserve all your attention and dedication. So many have declared that "customers should be at the heart of marketing" whereas in fact so few have demonstrated it.

Through the development and implementation of a qualitative online Web content strategy for your audiences, who will be able to expose clearly and simply what you are able to do, what kinds of problems your products and services are solving… Exactly what your prospective and recurring clients are after and the reason why they won't hesitate to share your content with their friends.