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Publishing content online is something we have done for over 20 years! One could even say that this is in our DNA. Every day or so, not only for our clients, but also for ourselves, we use digital publishing techniques in order to convince, teach, learn, share and also give… Because you have to give before you receive, this is also what we teach our clients to do.

The reason why we are in our own right to teach that to our clients, is because we have done it and demonstrated its in the field for many years, for many enterprises and for ourselves. In 2014, Visionary Marketing will also be issuing its full-fledged e-book "Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss" because it has struck us that we needed to go beyond the web for the evangelisation of art discipline. The growing importance of electronic books worldwide, is turning this means of communication into a powerful tool for us to share our work beyond borders

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This, in our eyes, is one of the best ways to show our clients how one can create addictive content which will entice users to come back and back again, therefore creating a long-term readership for your platforms and I also a lot of stickiness for your brand. This is what VisionaryMarketing is doing for itself becuase we like to "eat our own dog food" to quote an old Cisco motto.

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Lecture On Digital content

Looking Back On More Than 20 Years Of Field Practice, a 2014 lecture developed with OMI

This Website and its ancillary information websites (visionarymarketing.com in English and visionarymarketing.com in French) have been a reference in that market for a long time. It has also enabled us to hone our skills and practice and analyse and improve our methods, relentlessly, while remaining open and innovative. Visionary Marketing has demonstrated the power of word-of-mouth marketing for years in the field, directly by proving that when things that can be done rather than merely depicted, the demonstration and the impact is a lot more powerful.