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Often, a picture is worth a thousand words. Even better than a picture, an ebook full of pictures can come very handy. Visionary Marketing is proud to announce its forthcoming e-book "Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss", a Kawa publication, offering a European perspective of the online marketing landscape in 2014.

visionary marketing Sharing knowledge is fine but sharing one's experience is even better. Such is our motto at Visionary Marketing. Throughout our publications, we seek to share our true field practice, not just our theoretical knowledge of the online digital landscape, however well we know it. In the online field of practice more than anywhere else, it's too easy to pretend one is an "expert". Many clients we have seen in the field have been deceived in that way; it is our belief one should always try and value true field experience over anything else. This is what we always endeavour to do at  Visionary Marketing: valuing dozens of years of practice above everything else. The “proof is in the pudding” as the adage goes.

Digital Transformation From The Early Days Of The Web

We have been working in Web matters since the early days of the introduction of the World Wide Web within businesses, namely in Great Britain, China, Lebanon and France. We have also contributed to its evolution in businesses from within the enterprises where we have worked. We believe in the Web as a strong driver for the renewal of business strategies and change management, a business domain we extensively describe and explain in our e-book "mastering digital marketing like a boss” (Kawa, 2014). In the past, we have been involved in digital transformation in the areas of financial services, utilities, media an Teelcoms services, in both B2B and B2C. We often tackle such subjects on our Visionary Marketing news website.

"Mastering Digital Marketing Like A Boss" (2014 - Kawa Publishing)


Digital Content Is Part Of Our DNA

Even though, to most, digital content marketing is new, we have been practising it since the early days of the World Wide Web. This we describe in depth in this online marketing Institute lecture recorded in early 2014.

Content marketing in itself is not new. It's even probably more than 100 years old. Digital content marketing, its continuation in the online space, has also existed since the Web has made it possible for individuals and businesses to post content directly online and deliver a superior experience, to their readers, clients, projective customers... that is to say since the middle of the 1990s. Since the beginning of Web marketing, businesses and pure players have devised content marketing strategies to fuel their online presence, and more recently, initiate community marketing, online experience and social marketing strategies.

However, many change have still to take place in businesses before everyone grasps it correctly; many of them now understand fully the importance of online content, yet few are able to implement such strategies properly due, mostly, to a lack of understanding and of the turn of mind necessary for the development of a successful online content marketing strategy. As a conclusion, even though things have evolved considerably and enterprises have at last understood the importance of online content and how useful it is to attract visitors and retain customers, the quality of their implementation, in many cases, leaves much to be desired.

Digital Taining Is Essential To Business Transformation

Digital training is essential to this business transformation. Our philosophy is describe on the following Digital Training servipage.

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