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Visionary Marketing is often mentioned in the press and in blogs. The following list is restricted to our international presence. For more mentions of Visionary Marketing in French, please refer to our French press review page. This page was created in August 2018 we are missing many mentions here and our whole history (going way back 1996) has been discarded.

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Press REVIEW 2019

last update date December 30, 2019

> December 2019

Visionary Marketing's English-language news site is ranked 25th in's list of 75 sites and blogs dedicated to innovation.

Visionary Marketing's English-language news site is ranked 25th in's list of 75 sites and blogs dedicated to innovation.

> Juin 2019 : Thinkers 360 ranks Visionary Marketing founder as no.10 in its list of Worldwide marketing influencers with its hybrid ranking method, which encompasses both offline and online and academic sources.

Visionary Marketing founder in top 10 marketer world influencer list

> Mai 2019 : Ludo

> March 2019 : Yann Gourvennec, founder of Visionary Marketing joins other influencers on' list with well-known influencers such as Minter Dial and Tara Hunt, Aaron Lee and a few others.


Press REVIEW 2018

> August 2018: Visionary Marketing was listed by SEMrush as part of the TOP 100 of Marketing resources in France (inlcudes blogs, media and websites)

SEMrush Top 100 marketing blogs France

> July 2018: Visionary Marketing is quoted by Shane Barker in his post entitled 56 Influencers Share Their Biggest Mistakes and How to Avoid Them [Expert Roundup] in which Yann Gourvennec shares his worst experience as an influencer and describes the lessons he learnt from it.

> June 2018: Digital Transformation and Influencer Marketing with Yann Gourvennec, a piece by Morgane Néret on Traackr's blog.

Digital Transformation and Influencer Marketing with Yann Gourvennec

> June 2018: Yann Gourvennec was listed as number 12 ouf of 20 worldwide thought leaders in digital transformation by Professor Nicholas D Evans's Thinkers 360 algorithms. This ranking is particularly interesting because it is not just based on the number of followers on social media. It is also based on these leaders' online and offline publications as well as their academic work.

> April 2018: Yann Gourvennec was mentioned by Shane Baker as being one of 82 experts in influencer marketing. In this piece, these 82 experts deliver their tips and tricks in order to increase one's visibiility.

> April 2018: Yann Gourvennec was included in the The Busy Lifestyle's list of 15 digital marketing experts who share their tips for the 2018 digital strategy

> March 2018: Yann Gourvennec, CEO and founder of Visionary Marketing is listed by Claude Malaison and the exoB2B Canadian agency amongst the top 30 worldwide marketing influencers worth following next to Tara Hunt, Seth Godin, Minter Dial, Joe Pulizzi and Neil Patel.

Top 30 influencers

> February 2018: Worldwide launch of our international Sherlock Holmes Martech White Paper with our client Mapp Digital

> September 2016: Interview of Digital Marketing Expert, Yann Gourvennec: “Digital Marketing ROI: A Necessary Evil To Be Measured As Best You Can” on the Dexem blog

> September 2016: eZ System's blog - Yann Gourvennec, CEO of Visionary Marketing discusses overcoming Content Shock

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