About Visionary Marketing

Visionary Marketing is not meant to be a web agency like any other. We cultivate our differences and we have been writing about that over 25 years on our information website. Our vision of innovation and marketing —  hence the name —  is our guides throughout all our engagements.

To begin with, we specialise in B2B digital marketing, and our assignments are almost entirely devoted to these topics. In B2B, being a subject matter expertise is key, and we engage with customers when and only when our added value is proven.

Our favourite subjects are strategy and digital transformation, content strategy and digital training (our consultants have responsibilities in several schools renowned for their digital training). All our digital marketing content strategies encompass social media strategies, and the reason why is that we have worked for many years as social media directors, our founder having even been the first social media director in France according to 01 Net, and one of the first in the world (as shown in this video of a presentation he delivered in Atlanta, Ga. in 2009). Our agency also deals with B2B marketing automation.

For each of these subjects, we have developed original methodologies, tested in the field, and described on our pages, such as the method of the Man from Mars report in digital transformation engagements or the strategic projective survey methodology.