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Visionary Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Paris, managed by seasoned practitioners in digital strategy, digital communication and web marketing. Our consultants have solid experience in the digital field with a practice of Web management over very long periods. All Visionary Marketing consultants know your business and for good reason: they have been practicing it for many years in the field. For the past two and a half years, we have also expanded our team to include young talent, whom we have trained ourselves at the agency. The 2016 Traackr Report on Content Marketing Influencers (50 Influencers to Watch) highlighted this fact by highlighting the Visionary Marketing team members and their expertise.

Our field of action covers strategy and digital transformation as well as training (both closely linked), digital content marketing strategies with a strong social media component (in B2B and B2C), and community projects. Finally, the agency also has capabilities in marketing automation and performance marketing , in partnership with Get + and Effinity, the group of which we are a part. For each of these topics, we have developed original methodologies proven in the field, and described a few on these pages, such as the method of the report of the Martian in digital transformation or that of the projective questionnaire .

Before discovering our offer of digital marketing services , we invite you to discover our vision and our approach of work in the digital domain. This approach is very important to us because it helps to establish our specificity and our expertise.

With Visionary Marketing , move from influence to performance

Have you ever read David Siegel's " digitalize your enterprise "? Probably not, and that’s not very appreciable because David Siegel is a visionary (we love visionaries at Visionary Marketing!). He is one of the best web designers of the 90s and the early 2000, who realized that the Web was not (just) a matter of pretty graphics and typography. His book struck us by its accuracy, so upstream in the takeoff of the Web. But to be honest, it does not surprise us much. It's not good to be right too soon: Siegel's career came to a standstill when his book did not meet the hoped-for success on Amazon. No wonder he did not sell himself: Siegel was the apostle of what we call today the " digital transformation " 15 years before the time. 

Nothing he professed in his book was infeasible (for our part, we had already begun to work in the sense of what he described in 1996), but the main problem was that only few people - having a Sufficient digital culture – were stimulated enough to read his book and take an interest in the subject matter. He was trying to put the Web at a strategic level, which was beyond the reach of most marketers who already had enough difficulty understanding the importance of the formal Web. 
At Visionary Marketing, our goal is clear: we want to avoid online marketing just for the sake of online marketing at all costs. Things such as purchases of "likes" to pretend that we practice viral marketing and the race for huge budgets to grow a "commitment" that is difficult to define and whose scope is limited anyway, are not part of our methods. We are sticking to business transformation with digital , not to digital transformation pushing for digital transformation. 

That's why our motto is " from influence to performance ". Now you understand where we are coming from .

The history of our initial place of business, Square d'Orléans, at 80 rue Taitbout, Last home of Chopin from 1842 to 1849

The agency was located from 2014-2019 in the heart of the historic neighborhood of La Trinité, in the Square d’Orleans. As of September 1, 2019, we moved to 17-21 rue Saint Fiacre, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.

It's been four years since Visionary Marketing was established at 80 rue Taitbout, in the 9th district of Paris . We owe this location to our colleagues and partners at Effinity, whose offices we share. Every day spent in this place full of history is a wonder. For the one who has spent his life working for large groups in the heartless neighborhoods of London, Paris or elsewhere, such an opportunity to work in a place as beautiful and evocative of a period and romance, is certainly far away in our time.
The first months of our installation did not really inspire us to contemplate much. We could see that this place was magical, but we had a notion that we would be too busy with our activities that we won’t have even a few minutes to look up and enjoy the view around us. We have been very busy ever since, but we could still find some time to observe the beautiful surroundings. Then, in November 2015, thanks to our move, we had to pass under a flowered porch every day to push the green door of our office. There was this plaque on the left at the entrance which indicated that Frederic Chopin, the famous Polish musician, had lived here. While listening to his music here, one could perhaps imagine a Polonaise or a Nocturne. Then a while later, we started looking for information on the Square d'Orléans.

As we researched the site, we identified interesting documents from which we drew on this brochure. Here are our reflections, dotted with texts whose sources are indicated, which will hopefully allow you to better understand and appreciate this exceptional place.
Originally, we designed it for our visitors to have a digital experience of the spell of this place and its ancient inhabitants. The photos are from us, you can also find them at

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